Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Towing & Recovery Services

Q: What if I can’t be present to pick up my car?
A: Please fill out our authorization form to have someone else be designated to pick up your vehicle.

Q: What items will I need to pick up my car?
A: Please have ready your valid driver’s license, title or registration, and a form of payment: we accept Cash, Visa or MasterCard. (Credit Cards must be in Registered Owner’s Name, no 3rd party transactions)

Q: What hours can I pick up my car?
A: We offer towing services 24/7, but our office is open from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Saturday, and by appointment only Sunday and holidays.

Q: How can I set up towing on my property/properties?
A: Setting up towing on your property/properties is made as easy as possible. Please call our main office number at 410-544-9105 with any questions, or to schedule a meeting with an NCR Towing Representative.

Q: What is the NCR Towing & Recovery stance on damages?
A: NCR Towing & Recovery promotes a damage-free towing environment. We use only the latest technology and equipment on the market to better provide a truly safe atmosphere. We take pictures prior to towing, to document the vehicle condition.  If, you feel damages may have occurred to your vehicle during towing, please contact our office and we will address your concerns immediately.

Q: How does NCR Towing & Recovery document the tows taken from my property?
A: NCR Towing & Recovery fully documents all impounds taken from your lot. This includes digital pictures of each impound, with details emailed to property contacts.