Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Towing & Recovery Services

Q: What if I can’t be present to pick up my car?
A: Please fill out our authorization form to have someone else be designated to pick up your vehicle.

Q: What items will I need to pick up my car?
A: Please have ready your valid driver’s license, title or registration, and a form of payment: for private impounds, we accept cash only; for police or shop tows, we also accept Visa or MasterCard.

Q: What hours can I pick up my car?
A: We offer towing services 24/7, but our office is open from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Saturday, and by appointment only Sunday and holidays.

Q: Do I have to call you every time there is an illegally parked vehicle on my property?
A: No, we closely monitor the property to ensure that we only target the violations for which you want us to look.

Q: Do I receive any money from the cars that are towed from my property by NCR Towing & Recovery?
A: No, we simply provide the service so that your property and patrons will be safer by eliminating unwanted and illegally parked cars.

Q: How can I set up towing on my property/properties?
A: Setting up towing on your property/properties is made as easy as possible. Just review and complete our Proposal for Towing Service form and Contract Agreement. Fax your signed Contract Agreement to 410.553.0753 or call our main office number at 410.553.0859 with any questions.

Q: What is the NCR Towing & Recovery stance on damages?
A: NCR Towing & Recovery promotes a damage-free towing environment. We use only the latest technology and equipment on the market to better provide a truly safe atmosphere. If, for any reason, damage does occur, we guarantee that the problem is addressed immediately. There are no excuses for damages and we have set this as the highest priority for our drivers and employees.

Q: How much insurance does NCR Towing & Recovery carry?
A: One of the most worrisome parts of any business is insurance. With skyrocketing cost of insurance, it is not uncommon to see towing companies skimp on their coverage. This is dangerous for all parties involved and will eventually hurt the company’s client, as well as itself. That being said, NCR Towing & Recovery is proud to carry premium coverage. Our insurance coverage is $1 million for personal liability and property damage, and we are proud to show you our Certificate of Insurance.

Q: How does NCR Towing & Recovery document the tows taken from my property?
A: NCR Towing & Recovery fully documents all impounds taken from your lot. This includes digital pictures of each impound, with details emailed to property contacts.